Eileen Grubba. Photo by  Robert Kazandjian. 

Eileen Grubba. Photo by Robert Kazandjian. 

Actress Eileen Grubba fights prejudice against people with disabilities 

Featured on Ampersand LA

Eileen Grubba is known for her diverse body of work and her ability to be vulnerable on stage and on screen. Other actors have compared her to stars such as Geraldine Page and Kim Stanley. Most recently, Grubba has appeared in shows such as NBC’s Game of Silence and FX’s Sons of Anarchy But despite her many accolades and successes, there were times when Grubba wanted to quit the industry. She faced discrimination in Hollywood because of her disability—a limp. 

When Eileen Grubba moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, she found that Hollywood—an industry that responds harshly to even the smallest imperfections—can be downright prejudiced against people with disabilities. But Grubba has found that her experience surrounding her disability was a “treasure chest” she could pull from for acting. Her experiences and her ability to put that into her work are driving her success.