Photo Credit: Shannon Medrano. 

  Photo Credit: Shannon Medrano. 

Covina: One of LA's racially integrated areas at risk for re-segregating

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Researchers Michael Bader and Siri Warkentien published a paper last year discussing how some racially integrated cities within Los Angeles are on a path to re-segregating. One location on their list: Covina in the San Gabriel Valley.

Cities that have at least a 10 percent population of both white and non-white people are considered integrated but the researchers say that is gradually disintegrating in many locations.

Covina has a population that is currently around 57 percent Latino, 25 percent white and 12 percent Asian with the rest of population either African American or Native American. 

Residents Gus and Shannon Medrano moved from La Puente to Covina with their two children a year ago. Gus Medrano is Hispanic and his wife is white. They say they are glad to live in such a diverse area. 

"It’s nice to see a mixture of everything and not have just little sections that are just one nationality … there's a little bit of everything here in Covina," Gus Medrano said.

But if trends hold, Covina by 2025 will eventually be overwhelmingly Latino with comparatively few white residents. 

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